Academic Support

The Academic Support Program (ASP) provides help for students who are having difficulty in their regular courses or who may have special academic needs. Students may be enrolled for one or more hours in ASP by staff in consultation with parents.

How are students selected for the Academic Support Program?

Consideration for inclusion into the program

  • is based on grades, parental request, recommendation from teaching staff, and test scores.
  • for new students is often based on a recommendation by a Junior High School teacher.
  • is limited each year to a specific number of students.

What is the purpose of the Academic Support Program?

The Academic Support Program helps students develop new approaches, methods and skills for learning by means of testing, counseling, academic advising, tutoring and consultation with students' teachers. This assistance and these skills will insure the students success in high school.

What will happen once a student is in the program?

A four-year educational plan will be proposed, which will include recommendations such as:

  • Special study hall
  • Special test and/or exam arrangements
  • Peer tutoring
  • Text on tape
  • Note takers
  • Consultation with instructors
  • Study Skills workshops
  • Summer School
  • Assignment sheets
  • After school study time
  • Professional tutoring
  • Diagnostic testing

An Academic Support Teacher will work with the student as he or she progresses through high school providing the necessary instruction and support. Academic support will be available for the student for some of the activities. Students in the program are encouraged to take progressively more responsibility for their academic progress.