KCS Needs Your Support

Do you know that it costs about $3,000 more to educate a child than what KCS charges in tuition?

Our mission of equipping, inspiring, and challenging students could not be a reality without the strong support of parents, grandparents, volunteers, churches, staff, alumni, prayer partners and our generous community. We believe God has brought each of our students and their families to our school for the purpose of engaging on a journey to become disciples who transform the world when they graduate. Without the thousands of selfless individuals who have supported us over the years, our work in educating and preparing students for the advancement of God’s kingdom would never have been possible. THANK YOU!!!

There are 3 major ways you can support KCS and the mission of our schools.  Click below to help you decide the best way for you to give.

Help families attain Christian Education

Help us build a new Gymnasium and Eradicate Debt

Give a memorial or help us save for the future

For more information on supporting KCSA, please contact the Advancement Office at (269) 381-2044. Sonia will be happy to help you!