School Board

Members of the KCSA School Board play a vital role in continued excellence at Kalamazoo Christian. Each member is elected to a 3-year term at an annual Association Meeting in the spring and each member serves on one of four Board Subcommittees. This is where the bulk of the work takes place during the school year to contribute to the operation of our school. We would love to encourage your involvement. Please call the Association Office at 269-381-2044 to find out more.

The entire school board can be contacted by e-mailing

KCSA School Board Membership for 2021-2022

  • John Bartels (Foundation)
  • Chris Batts (Vice President)
  • Tim DeVries (Secretary)
  • Krage Fox
  • Tina Garcia
  • Wes Gunst
  • Wally Laaksonen (President)
  • Linda Maring (At-large)
  • Heidi Ray (Assistant Secretary)
  • Jason Stob (Treasurer)
  • Todd Welton

Staff Members

  • Joel Netz, MS Principal
  • Marc Verkaik, Lead Admin. & ES Principal
  • Dirk Walhout, HS Principal
  • Scott Zondervan, Controller