Steve Dyk

High School Teacher, Science

Serving since 2007.

Bachelor of Science- Calvin University

“I attended KCSA for my entire education. Both of my parents worked at KCSA as a guidance counselor and secretary. I taught at Central Wisconsin Christian High School for 7 years before coming here.

I love teaching here because of all of the opportunities KCSA provides for the students. Our science program offers as many class opportunities as most high schools of any size. I love to work outside with my students as often as possible, whether its doing creek health research on our own campus, surveying deer populations in Winchell, or Portage, or raising animals and large birds during the world’s only Emu Club.

I also love the fact that our school encourages travel and take advantage of this with behind the scenes trips to the Zoos of Ohio, camping and jumping off waterfalls with the senior science students to the Upper Peninsula, or our 15 day international trip to Kenya, Africa where we interact with other high school students, work to save the endangered cheetah and enjoy the food, animals, and landscapes of another continent. “