Jill Hoeksema

Middle School Aide and Lower EL.

Serving since 2008.

KCSA Alumni

I graduated from Kalamazoo Christian High School in 1996 and married my High School sweetheart in 1999. We have 3 kids all attending Kalamazoo Christian as well. Before being hired into Kalamazoo Christian, I was a chairside dental assistant for 10 years for two wonderful Christian Endodontists. I was able to be home for a year after having my second child before being hired by school. It has been such a blessing that both of my jobs have been in amazing Christ centered environments. When I first began, I aided in the preschool program. I then graduated to Young Fives and some lower elementary. In 2018, the administrators must have thought I was ready for the next age level. This time I found myself having Middle School added to my daily schedule as well. I’m able to get a lot of steps in traveling back and forth throughout the days! I absolutely love having the opportunity and privilege to work with two very different age groups. The kids teach me new things each day. They bring a smile to my face and typically, a good chuckle, too. I love the joy of being able to see the love these kiddos have for God, and also for each other. I get to see them at 5, 6, and 7 years old and also at twelve, thirteen, and fourteen years old. They are so different, yet so similar. It is pure joy to walk these various halls and hear the laughter, excitement and at times, frustration and heartache from the kids. It’s a place where you see and hear encouragement when someone scores a goal, when someone was just told really hard news or someone is simply having a bad day. It’s a place where you can cry and laugh and know that as a student, staff, parent or volunteer, you will be covered in prayer and God’s love. This is my home away from home and I wouldn’t change that.