Student Life

At Kalamazoo Christian Schools, students have the opportunity to grow in numerous ways both in and out of the classroom. In addition to forging friendships within our schools’ tight-knit communities, students at our private Christian school also get to participate in any number of activities and events which supplement their Christian education. Our extensive arts, academic and athletic programs – many of which have received state and national recognition for outstanding achievements – allow students to develop their own distinct personality, talents and goals.

Naturally, student life at Kalamazoo Christian Schools also includes a strong faith-related component. Our students are encouraged to explore their faith in their academic courses and extracurricular activities. A focus on their Christian faith allows our students to form close relationships among one another and with God. In addition to regular chapels and prayer times, student life at each school also includes numerous faith-related activities and events.

At Kalamazoo Christian Schools, a student’s experience will include a number of wonderful experiences and events which will create memories to last a lifetime. Whether they are cheering on their classmates at an athletic event, participating in student groups like yearbook or choir or gathering in the chapel for a special prayer service, students at our private Christian schools are involved, engaged and constantly learning and growing.