Children enrolled in KCSA preschools:
  • become more aware of God’s presence in our world
  • are challenged to love God and each other more
  • develop a healthy self-image
  • learn to accept and respond positively to others
  • improve their verbal, listening and perceptual skills
  • develop improved small and large motor skills

KCSA preschool teachers appreciate parental involvement. Parents are encouraged to assist in the classroom from time to time and are always welcomed as visitors.

Just like our K-12 programs, KCSA preschools offer a Christ-centered education. Every child has a special place in God’s plan, and our preschool students learn that God loves and cares for them. We also provide many experiences in which children are offered the opportunity to express their love for God.

All KCSA preschool classrooms are specially equipped to meet the needs of young children. Our preschools are licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services and operate under the authority of the Kalamazoo Christian School Association. KCSA preschool teachers are professional educators, fully certified by the State of Michigan.

Our learning activities
  • Bible includes basic Biblical stories and concepts appropriate for preschool children. During devotions, children learn to praise God with songs of worship and are encouraged to share their faith.
  • God’s world is explored through field trips, photographs, discussions, scientific experiments and personal observation. Children learn that God cares for and is involved in His creation.
  • Creativity and imagination are encouraged through sand and water play, modeling, play dough, block building, painting, drawing, story acting and various craft projects.
  • Music is enjoyed through singing, rhythm activities and listening.
  • Physical development occurs through group play, outdoor activities, small and large motor skill development activities and health and safety units.
  • Readiness activities include the development of skills and understanding in visual and auditory perception, language, shapes, colors, numbers, table and group games.