Middle School

KCMS - Kalamazoo Christian Middle School

For more than a century the Kalamazoo Christian Schools have been providing a high-quality, Christ-centered education to area students. At Kalamazoo Christian Middle School, we prepare students to serve God by offering them a place to grow and develop spiritually. Our dedicated staff provide new and exciting academic challenges that prepare students for the next stage of their educational journey. Our Middle School facilities are now located alongside our Elementary School facilities on the 12th Street campus.

At KCMS, we have 5 distinct goals for our students:

  • Develop disciples of Christ who develop their faith, begin to apply their faith to their lives, and become lifelong leaders and workers in service to God and their neighbors.
  • Develop quality achievers who take responsibility for their own learning, set goals, take academic risks, and are committed learners.
  • Nurture independent thinkers who can analyze and evaluate situations in order to apply Christian discernment and make appropriate decisions as stewards of God's world.
  • Encourage cooperative learners who have the ability to use interpersonal skills and effectively share in the responsibilities needed to meet common goals.
  • Develop effective communicators who are able both to articulate and to receive ideas in a variety of ways and in various environments.

Currently, Kalamazoo Christian Middle School enrolls about 230 students in grades 5 to 8. Students at KCMS follow a Christian education curriculum that enriches both their academic and spiritual experience. Meanwhile, students are also encouraged to explore their talents outside the classroom through extracurricular activities and athletics.

Kalamazoo Christian Middle School
3800 South 12th Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49009-9516
Phone: (269) 544-2332
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