Graduation Requirements

23 total credits are required for graduation

English/4 credits

  • Freshman English/1 credit

  • American Literature/.5 credit

  • Speech/.5 credit

  • World Literature/.5 credit

  • Media Literature/.5 credit

    Seniors must take either:

  • Advanced Composition/.5 credit AND one additional English elective/.5 credit


  • AP English/1 credit

Mathematics/2 credits

Science/2 credits

  • Physical Science/1 credit

  • Biology/1 credit

Social Studies/3 credits

  • World History/1 credit

  • U.S. History/1 credit

  • Government/.5 credit

  • Psychology/.5 credit


  • Sociology/.5 credit

Bible/2 credits

  • One semester of Bible each year

Fine Arts/.5 or 1 credit

  • Basic Art/.5 credit

  • Choir/1 credit

  • Band/1 credit

Computers/.5 credits

  • Computer Applications/.5 credit

Physical Education/1 credit

  • Health/P.E./1 credit

Applied Arts/.5 credits

  • Any course from Technology, Computers or Family Sciences