Kalamazoo Christian Schools are like another home for our hundreds of students ranging from preschool through high school. Surrounded by a nurturing, caring environment, each of our students is able to fully explore their potential in academics, athletics and the arts. At the same time, our talented staff is devoted to providing a Christ-centered education that helps students grow and develop spiritually.

The KCSA is committed to integrating the Christian faith into everything we do at our schools. At the same time, students are challenged academically and allowed to explore their talents and skills. Our commitment to combining academic excellence with a Christ-centered experience helps prepare our students for success in a changing world.

Here are a few quick facts about our private Christian schools:

  • The first Kalamazoo Christian School was founded in 1877.
  • The average class size is just 22 students.
  • 52% of our staff hold advanced degrees.
  • 95% of our high school seniors go on to college after graduation.
  • Our students regularly achieve some of the highest standardized test scores in the area.
  • Spanish Immersion program results in fluency by the 5th grade level.
  • K. Christian students volunteer over 6,000 hours in the local community each year.
  • Many of our extracurricular and athletic teams regularly achieve local and state honors.

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