Tuition and Fees

A high-quality, Christ-centered education is one of the best investments you can make in your child's future, and making that investment affordable is a top priority for our Board members and school leadership team. The following are some of the ways that the KCSA works to make the financial aspect of a Christian education more manageable for Kalamazoo Christian families:

  • Financial aid for families who qualify
  • Multi-child discounts for families with two or more children enrolled
  • T.R.I.P. program for earning tuition credits
  • Retail store (Second Impressions) whose profits help financially support Kalamazoo Christian families
Tuition Information for 2018-2019 at Kalamazoo Christian Schools
Grade Level Tuition Optional Second
Impressions Grant*
Required Tuition
(Preschool - download preschool class forms for detailed tuition breakdown)
3-day Kindergarten $4,290 $290 $4,000
5-day Kindergarten $6,500 $440 $6,060
1st - 4th grade (ES) $7,170 $485 $6,685
5th - 8th grade (MS) $8,515 $580 $7,935
9th - 12th grade (HS) $9,860 $670 $9,190
*The Second Impressions Grant is generously provided for those who need it – you do not need to qualify
A multi-child discount is available if not receiving Financial Aid.

In addition to tuition (which includes book fees and technology fees), there may be fees for extra services such as KCSA bus transportation, hot lunch, afterschool care, and elective course fees.

Payment Options

KCSA offers a wide variety of payment plans to meet family needs, including a discount for prepayment of tuition. Annual payments are made directly to the Kalamazoo Christian School Association (KCSA). Parents who choose other payment plans make their payments through an agency called FACTS, which makes a direct debit from an identified bank account.

Want to Learn More?

If you are considering a Christian education for your child, you can schedule a visit or get more information about tuition and fees for Kalamazoo Christian Schools by calling (269) 381-2044 or by sending us an .