Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How much is tuition?
Tuition is based on cost of education. In our efforts to be affordable to anyone who desires Christ-centered education, we do offer a multi-child discount and financial aid for those who qualify. You can view current rates on our Tuition & Fees page.

Do you offer special payment plans?
Yes. You may choose the plan that works best for your family. You may choose to pay monthly or annually. Choosing to pay annually allows a discount of $50 per child.

Do I have to attend church?
We provide a Christ-centered education and our mission is to work in partnership with Christian families and churches. The Bible is our foundation and we work intentionally to help our students grow spiritually. Every family is asked to acknowledge the importance of the Home, School and Church partnership and commit to that partnership as a family. If you have a local church home, you are asked to please have your pastor complete the Pastor's Recommendation form and return it to the KCSA Association Office. If you are moving into the area, or currently do no have a church home but are looking to find one, please attach that information to your application.

What textbooks do you use? Are they all Bible-based?
In our efforts to provide the highest quality of education, we use what we consider to be the best textbook for the specific area being taught. Therefore, we use a variety of textbooks. We believe that a textbook in the hands of a Christian teacher comes alive with Christian principles. All of our teachers are Christians who claim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They are dedicated to presenting their subject matter from a Christian perspective and they daily integrate faith and learning.

Do you provide bussing?
Anyone living in the Kalamazoo Public school system receives busing from that district. For those who live outside of that school districts, we provide Kalamazoo Christian School bus transportation for a nominal fee. More detailed busing information is available on request.

Do you have uniforms?
We do not have uniforms. We do have a dress code that is enforced. It is specifically stated in our school manual.

Are all your teachers certified?
Yes, all of our teachers are state-certified or working toward it. Our system financially supports and requires continuing education and professional development for our staff. Many of our staff have advanced degrees in their field.

How will I know if my child gets in the Preschool class I requested?
Once your application information is received with a $100 deposit, your name will be added to the class list. If the class of your choice is full, we will call to let you know. You will be given the opportunity to choose another class or be placed on a waiting list.

How and when do I find out if I qualify for financial aid?
Fill out the Financial Aid application on It takes about 45 minutes of your time. We will hear back from FACTS within approximately a week. Once we know if you qualify and how much you qualify for, we will send you a letter including that information.

How do your test scores compare to other schools in the area?
The Kalamazoo Christian Schools’ test scores rank among the top in this area. We are blessed to have had successful Quiz Bowl and JETS teams over many years. Our ACT scores are consistently much higher than the state average and our students are highly regarded when it comes to college preparation, integrity and work ethic.