Spiritual Life

At Kalamazoo Christian Schools, we recognize that students are learning every moment of the day. That's why we teach our students that God is present in every aspect of life. This means that our Christian faith is an integral part of all that we do in every class and activity – not just during prayer times, Bible class or chapel. We teach and model that God is to be praised, whether we are in the biology lab or the music room, competing in Quiz Bowl or basketball, on the playground or in the classroom.

Faith-Based Curriculum

Our belief that learning and faith are uniquely integrated and cannot be separated is demonstrated to our students throughout their education at Kalamazoo Christian Schools. Each child follows a path that guides them through a spiritually fulfilling and educational experience. The following are some examples of the ways in which we integrate the Word of God into our students’ academic experience:


Our Christian preschool develops a basic foundation of faith for each child. Our preschool curriculum prioritizes the challenge to love God and one another more. Each child is also taught that they have a special place in God's plan and that God loves and cares for them. In addition, our preschoolers are encouraged to see God's presence in our world through field trips, photographs, discussions and personal observation.

Elementary School

Throughout their Christian elementary education, students learn how God plays a role in each and every part of their lives. This begins in kindergarten with the introduction of devotional books and Bible memory work. By the time the students are in 5th grade, their spiritual journey continues as they learn more about Jesus' life, His ministry and his Resurrection.

Middle School

As our students enter middle school, they continue their Christian education by working on Bible devotions and learning about Christ's life. However, they'll also begin to explore the deeper meaning of their faith, including how they can be disciples of Jesus and how that correlates to their learning experiences in each course of study.

High School

At Kalamazoo Christian High School, students take one Bible course per year. In addition to the ways in which their faith is developed in other classes, these Bible studies allow our high school students to mature as students of faith. They begin to look at more complex issues within Christianity through discussion on ethical, doctrinal and cultural topics.

The Christian Experience

In addition to exploring their faith through a Christian education, students at Kalamazoo Christian Schools also take part in a number of activities and events which deepen their spiritual journey. Students receive a well-rounded Christian experience in a variety of ways.

  • Regularly-scheduled chapels are held at each building.
  • Students complete community service hours and get involved in volunteer organizations.
  • Staff members are committed Christians who lead and mentor students in their spiritual and academic endeavors.
  • Christmas and Easter programs celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.