Middle School Curriculum

We believe our philosophy and objectives grow out of the world and life view rooted in a reformed interpretation of the Scriptures. We believe this statement is a consistent application of that interpretation to the area of education. Our curriculum is aligned with the mission of the Kalamazoo Christian School Association:

The ultimate goal of our education is that students become spiritually, socially, mentally, and physically equipped to live effectively as Christians a world that belongs to God. To attain this goal we have carefully developed a core curriculum in the areas of Bible, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. We have developed an encore curriculum, which complements the core curriculum and also includes Fine Arts, Physical Education, Art, and Technology.

KCMS seeks to create a caring learning environment that celebrates each child as an image bearer of God. The goals of education at KCMS recognize the uniqueness of the adolescent learner who is still exploring and discovering his or her interests and gifts. We seek to develop disciples of Jesus, quality achievers, independent and discerning thinkers, cooperative learners, and effective communicators.

KCMS meets the academic standards of the state of Michigan both in respect to academic requirements for faculty and administration and in terms of the basic curriculum, which enables the student to contribute to the general welfare of the state and the society in which he lives.

  • We believe that the Word of God is the foundation for learning and understanding.
  • We believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The world belongs to God.
  • We believe that faith and learning cannot be separated, but are uniquely integrated.
  • We believe that the home/school/church form a partnership through which children who are image-bearers of God, are nurtured. The primary function of the school is to educate.
  • Our curriculum is teacher-directed rather than textbook/workbook centered or driven. Our teachers are committed Christians and well-trained, professional educators. They are entrusted with the curriculum and are responsible to teach and present material from a Christ-centered perspective, even when using secular materials. We use materials which best fit our curriculum, are of the highest quality, and are research based. This currently leads us to incorporate a blend of Christian and secular materials, though Christian materials are given preference whenever possible.