High School Curriculum

We believe our philosophy and objectives grow out of the world and life view rooted in a Reformed interpretation of the Scriptures. We believe this statement is a consistent application of that interpretation to the area of education.

The ultimate goal of our education is that students become spiritually, socially, mentally, and physically equipped to live effectively as Christians in the world in which they have been placed. To attain this goal we carefully select, develop and interpret subjects which are basic to a thorough and comprehensive education. These curricular divisions are Religion, Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Applied Arts, Fine Arts, Social Studies and Physical Education.

We believe that Kalamazoo Christian High School shall meet the academic standards of the state both in respect to academic requirements for faculty and administration and in terms of the basic curriculum to enable the student to contribute to the general welfare of the state and the society in which he lives.

The program of studies is designed to prepare Christian young people to take their places in society through entering the work force upon graduation or continuing their education in institutions of higher learning. Courses in the arts, business, education, family and consumer sciences, and industrial arts combined with more traditional offerings provide well-rounded curricular experiences for all students.