Elementary Curriculum
  • We believe that the Word of God is the foundation for learning and understanding.
  • We believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The world belongs to God.
  • We believe that faith and learning cannot be separated, but are uniquely integrated.
  • We believe that the home/school/church form a partnership through which children, who are image bearers of God, are nurtured. The primary function of the school is to educate.

Our curriculum is teacher directed rather than textbook/workbook directed. Our teachers are committed Christians and well-trained, professional educators. They are entrusted with the curriculum and are responsible to teach and present material from a Christ-centered perspective, even when using secular materials. We use whatever materials best fit our curriculum and are of the highest quality and research base. This currently leads us to incorporate a blend of Christian and secular materials, though Christian materials are given preference whenever possible.


All elementary classrooms have a number of Chromebooks available for student use. Younger grades also have a few iPad Mini devices in their classroom. In addition, a "Lab-on-a-Cart" of iPads (enough for one per student in a classroom) is available for teacher signout. Introduction to online safety and appropriate technology usage begins at the K level, hand position keyboarding begins in 2nd grade, and by upper elementary grades students are able to use the Google Suite of Applications for production of documents and assignments. Elementary students also have a once-a-week technology class as a special area.


Spanish is taught as an enrichment class in our elementary and middle school programs Young 5’s through 8th grade. The classes meet twice a week for 30-45 minutes a class. Total physical response to storytelling is used in the classroom, which follows the Hola Niños curriculum.

Spanish Immersion

The Spanish Immersion program was added as an option to build fluency by fifth grade in the second target-language of Spanish. This program begins in preschool, kindergarten, or first grade and continues on through middle school completely immersing students in a Spanish environment through an authentic academic setting. For more information on the Spanish Immersion program at Kalamazoo Christian contact the coordinator

Special Services

A building resource room program provides alternative instruction and academic support for students who have learning differences or are behind. Reading is the primary target of resource room support. Other special needs support services are provided through Kalamazoo Public Schools (KPS). Federal Title I program support for students who live in KPS district is available in-building. Students testing two or more grade levels behind in any area qualify for support. Building aides (and some volunteers) are used extensively for tutor support. Due to funding limitations Kalamazoo Christian Schools do not offer a special education program.

Standardized Testing

The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test is administered in the fall and spring of each school year in grades 2-8. This test is a state-aligned computerized adaptive test that accurately reflects the instructional level of each student and measures growth over time. The test:

  • Identifies the skills and concepts individual students have learned.
  • Diagnoses instructional needs.
  • Monitors academic growth over time.
  • Makes data-driven decisions at the classroom, school, and district levels.
Curriculum Brochures

Ask the front office for copies of curriculum brochures for each grade level