At Kalamazoo Christian Schools, our mission is to engage the hearts, minds, and bodies of our students through a rigorous and well-rounded curriculum. From elementary school through high school each child is encouraged to explore, understand, and delight in God's kingdom, in an environment that is both academically challenging and developmentally appropriate.

Academic Excellence

The academic curriculum at our fully-accredited, private Christian schools is meant to develop hard-working and critical-thinking students who are prepared for success in college, the workplace, and beyond. Our students regularly outperform students from other area schools on standardized tests, and our alumni have gone on to achieve advanced degrees and prominent positions in their chosen fields. The following are just a few things that stand out when it comes to academics at Kalamazoo Christian schools:

  • 52% of staff hold advanced degrees
  • Average class size: 22
  • 47% of our high school students were involved in National Honor Society
  • In 2018 Kalamazoo Christian High School had 4 National Merit Commended Scholars and 1 National Merit Finalist
  • 18% of the Class of 2018 were able to maintain a 4.0 GPA
  • 92% of KCHS seniors continued their education at a college or university in 2018
  • 56% of graduating seniors received a university or college scholarship.
  • Advanced Placement and Honors courses are offered at Kalamazoo Christian High School.
  • Students in the Spanish Immersion program will be fluent in the target language of Spanish and their native language of English by the fifth grade.
A Well-Rounded Education

Our academic program is enriched by offerings in the arts, music, sciences, technology, and foreign languages. These classes and extracurricular offerings deepen the student experience from preschool through high school to give students well-rounded Christian education. In addition, these offerings allow students to discover their personal strengths, talents, and interests while working toward their academic goals. Some of these offerings include:

  • An Applied Technology curriculum, including auto shop and wood shop
  • A Spanish Immersion program which develops language skills and leads to Spanish fluency
  • A nationally-ranked Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS)
  • Musical offerings including band and several choirs
  • The KCHS Quiz Bowl team which has won state championships
  • A number of available sports, including basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and track and field athletic teams, many of which have gone on to win conference and state championships
Our Curriculum Principles

Each and every one of the courses offered at our private Christian schools is based on our core curriculum principles. These principles create a classroom environment in which students are challenged academically while also integrating their faith into different subject areas. Curriculum principles at Kalamazoo Christian Schools are:

  • We believe the Word of God is the foundation for learning and understanding.
  • We believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ: our world belongs to God.
  • We believe that faith and learning cannot be separated but are uniquely integrated.
  • We believe that the home, school, and church form a partnership through which children, who are image bearers of God, are nurtured. The primary function of the school is to educate.
  • Our curriculum is teacher-driven rather than textbook-driven or workbook-centered. Because our teachers are committed Christians and well-trained professional educators, they are entrusted with the curriculum and responsibility to teach and present materials from a Christ-centered perspective, even when using secular materials. We use high-quality, research-based materials which best fit our curriculum.