Hear from some of our supporting parents, graduates, and local Professors about their experiences with Kalamazoo Christian:

  • "We are forever grateful for the solid Christian worldview that our kids received at Kalamazoo Christian and still hold on to today. It was worth every dime." - Pastors Beth and Jeff Jones, Valley Family Church

  • It's a blessing to walk through the doors and be able to see and feel how God is alive in our school system. The amazing and loving staff brings Christ to our two children every day. The witness they are to the community and neighborhood amazes me. The power of prayer in KCSA has brought healing, comfort and smiles to both our boys and family. We are so grateful to be a KCSA family." - Matt and Anika Meyers, Parents

  • "The students from Kalamazoo Christian are both academically and personally superior to most other high schools. They are mature, know where they are going, and are respectful and ready for the college experience. It is a pleasure to see students who are prepared for adulthood, can make their own decisions and actually understand what life is all about. The Christian education they received shows through like the light of Christ." - Dr. Joseph Petro, Engineering, WMU

  • "Our parents made many sacrifices to send us to the Christian Schools because they believed in the importance of a high quality education grounded in God's truth. Today we know what a privilege that was! Parents and grandparents can stand as a testimony to the effectiveness of Christian education. Their support allows our Christian Schools to prepare future generations for leadership, scholarship, and the advancement of God's Kingdom." - Kathie Hoekstra, KCSA graduate

  • "I am so thankful my parents made the sacrifice they did to send me to this school. I can't even express my gratitude. Thank you, Mom and Dad." - Tyler Boes, Student

  • "I transferred to K-Christian my Junior year. People told me that K-Christian was a very tight knit school and it is hard to get involved as a new student. All I have to say is I don't know what they were talking about. I soon realized after stepping through the doors that it would not be anything like I thought it would be. Everyone seemed to know my name. I left school that day feeling on top of the world. I loved K-Christian because I had never been welcomed like that to a new environment before. K-Christian is full of great people who are inviting and friendly. To this day deciding to go to K-Christian was one of the best decisions I have made." - John Pugsley, KCHS graduate

  • "Economic times are tough in Michigan, but our decision to put our daughter in the Kalamazoo Christian Schools was the best decision we ever made." - Bob and Deb Batey, Parents